Saturday, November 12, 2005

From Glitch to Glitswitch via eXT

In a recent post (see "Glitch") I mentioned how useful it would be to be able program a sequence which would send output to different effects on a note-by-note basis.  E.g.  note 1 send audio to this FX plugin, note 2 bypass, note 3 send audio to this other FX plugin.  Glitch does this with its own internal effects.

Well, steffensen over at KVR has come with a solution using eXt and Soma's Audio Switcher.   Here's the link to the discussion.
It looks complicated but the basic principle behind it is quite simple (use Steffensen's light version first as it's a bit clearer). You have a midi part with each note corresponding to a toggle of Soma's Audio Switcher, which then sends output to your designated FX plugins. So, just insert the effects you wish to use and then sequence away. Great solution! Kudos to all concerned! Not got eXT? Get it here...

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