Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mystery and The Muse

Not a second-rate made-for-TV movie.... oh no. 

It's very difficult to explain why sometimes creative urges, or rather the ingredients for creativity, ebb and flow the way they do.  I'll be absolutely honest, I barely did anything musically creative throughout the entirety of 2006.  I even sold my Korg Prophecy and my Roland SH-32, and only noticed their absence because there was less dusting to do and more of my desktop was visible (which may not have been such a good thing in hindsight).   I don't think I even had any musical ideas which despite my efforts I was unable to convert into tangible notes on a piano roll or recorded audio.  Not a thing.

So it's somewhat reassuring that the first two weeks of 2007 have at least prompted some notions of creating again.  I bought myself a Novation Remote25 (smaller, more knobs, slightly less dusting).  I have fired up eXT and some instruments, and actually produced something.  I will say it again.... produced something.  Two reasonably complete tracks.  I am not concerned about the quality, I am not concerned about the genre I'm in, not in the least bit worried that they are not perfect.  Frankly, to have drawn some notes, hit some notes, got tired ears from some late night sessions with the sequencer... that's enough.  More than enough.

Sometimes it's not about creating something.  It's about creating anything.  Turning thoughts - however vague - into something tangible.
Working on that tangible - however delivered - and getting back on track in terms of the process of creativity, rather than being suffocated and worried about the product.

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