Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Like Lazarus...

Yes, rather like Lazarus, I return to life from my absence.  Of course, my story is not quite as dramatic as our revived colleague from the New Testament and it could hardly be said to be miraculous. The connection with Lazarus becomes even further tenuous when one considers that Lazarus probably did not have to deal with hundreds of spam comments for online poker, drugs and porn when he came back to life.

"Sorry, I'll be with you in a sec, Jesus, I just need to deal with this damned graffiti first .."

Whatever happened to Lazarus?  You'd think he'd have gone onto big things after such a feat, after gaining such notoriety - but as far as I can tell he's not mentioned again. 

One might think he'd feel so indebted to Jesus that he would hang around, you know, as a sort of show of gratitude for the person who gave him life. Or at least you might think he would go off and do great things on his own account, inspired by his miraculous experience.  But no, alas, it seems not.  He lived. He died.  He lived again. He descended into obscurity, perhaps a late-night slot on Satellite.  Or perhaps he just settled down and decided that was enough excitement for a lifetime.  Or two.

More such meanderings to come... in the meantime let me know your ideas for what happened to Lazarus.


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