Onward and outward...bound..

Audiophiles (community sites for music makers)

KVR - massive community of musicians and developers, sometimes raucous and irreverent, sometimes irrelevant, but often a goldmine of information when it comes to making (mainly computer-based) music.

AudioShots - home of the Auditorium, samples, good crowd and hosting for musicians.

Audiogenerators (software for music makers)

EnergyXT - perhaps the cheapest, most updated (umm... Jorgen, how about charging us sometime for a new version?!), most flexible, and most underrated bit of music software in the world...

Asseca's eXT/WIKI pages - great resource for FAQ's, tips, skins etc.

Audio Collectives (music makers who have made it...)

The Retrosic
Suicide Commando

Audioteurs (music makers/friends)

Endmusik - Michael Week's site for his many incarnations, alter egos and aliases...and his blog and music... and all the other things he does. And boy does he.