Monday, November 07, 2005


 No, not a problem with the site.  Rather, Glitch from dBlue is a very impressive VST effect which will do unspeakable things to your audio signal, and is particularly effective on percussion parts.

What's novel about it is the ability to apply particular effects within a siequence of up to 64 steps (you can change the length of the sequence to suit as well).  The nine effect "slots"  include modulation, bit crushing, shifting and flanging, and all of these have their own filter to refine the effect output.

Randomize functions abound (for effects and the sequencer) and you'll lose a few hours just messing about with those.  It's a lot of fun, and runs from subtle to extreme (put a hard limiter in your signal chain after it, but you do that anyway of course!).  It makes me wonder if someone should come up with something similar which allows you to host your own effects into those slots in a modular fashion all controlled by that sequencer.  As it is, Glitch is perfect for glitchy drum loops and chopped up percussion.  Put a pad sound through Glitch with a low wet setting to add some interest and movement to it.   It's surprisingly controllable once you get the hang of it..

Download the beta here

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