Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sound Design Project - Part 2

 Slow progress on the sound design so far.  The sound design "team" has  received four new versions of the synthesizer in question, two to deal with bug fixes, another to deal with fixes of bugs that were caused by the bug fixes and another with some refinements to the features.  I say "team" because we are all working independently and have no knowledge of each other's work  This does present the inevitable questions about duplication of efforts and the desire to ensure that we stamp our individual mark without making sounds which are not usable in practical applications  No doubt the answers to these questions will become apparent!

After spending some time learning the synthesizer (ie. reading the manual), I got to know the character and features by playing around with it. I decided to approach the sound design by reproducing some standard sounds to gain more familiarity before actually sittting down and seriously  programming.  This included creating the kinds of "bread and butter" sounds one would expect from a synth like this (additive)

The programming has gone slowly so far, but I am sure it will pick up as the week progresses (and the deadline approaches).  So far I have a couple of interesting pad sounds, some lead sounds for sequencing and some bass sounds.  Perhaps I'm a bit too much of a perfectionist, which is why it is going slowly.  But, if a job is worth doing etc. etc.

Still, this is a good challenge for me and I hope to meet it.  In due course, I will post some MP3s of some of the better presets in use.  I bet you cannot wait ;)

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