Monday, December 05, 2005

Sound Design Project - Part 1

I have two weeks to come up with a couple of banks of preset sounds (which is 128 in all)  for a brand new virtual synth (VSTi).  This will be quite a challenge, I think.  Challenging not only in the sense of the quantity and quality of sounds required but also because of the type of synthesizer that it is.

I cannot give too much away about it since the synth is not yet released, but it's a combination of additive and "traditional" subtractive synthesis, with some intriguing and interesting morphing and re-synthesis capabilities.  It should be quite an educational process and a good exercise in programming techniques.

I won't bore the non-musical with the ins and outs, but I thought I would track progress here on the development of those sounds.  For the non-musical or non-technical musician, a patch is like a snapshot of the settings of a synth (be it a real one or a virtual one) - the positions of switches, the placement of controls, and other options which all go into making a sound make the sound it does.  Patches can be recalled and saved  in banks and either used as they were intended or changed into new sounds.   So, my remit is for the next 12 days or so to come up with 128 usable patches (i.e. sounds)  for this particular synth and hope that they meet the needs of the synth developers..

Sounds easy?  We'll see...

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Easy? Sounds very complicated. You must be very talented to be able to figure all that out and do it well. Good luck, I hope you get all 128 in and finished. Great blog.

Posted by The Complimenting Commenter on 05/12/2005

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