Friday, December 02, 2005

Thank you Doru!

 It's very difficult to write about someone that you don't really know at all but who you know to be a very good and generous spirit because their demeanour and contributions inform you of it.  Even more difficult to write about them not being with us very much longer and wondering what to do.

I write about Doru Malaia, who has consistently given a great deal to the music community, with his free sample sets and incredibly good sample CDs/DVDs, but most of all with his generous and humane nature

So, please go to Doru's web site - look around, download some of the many freebies he has on offer, purchase his fine refills or sample sets, and/or leave a message on his guestbook.

And on a personal note, thank you Doru. 
You'll live on in our music and in our hearts. 

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That was sweet.

Posted by genderist on 05/12/2005

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