Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Winter's Walk

Honestly, you can keep your hot Summer days, as nothing comes close to a cold, bright Winter's day such as we have had this week around this part of the UK.  Air so cold and so still, and so fresh it feels healthy just breathing it in with gasping mouthfuls.  The perfect medium within which sound waves travel.  The perfect medium also for me to travel.   Every sound is as clear as the light around you.  Every slight rustle of a frosted leaf falling comes to your ears.  Each drop of water hitting the ground, deposited from a thawing tree branch lit by blue and golden shards of sunlight.  Each crunch of the frozen earth and the cracking of twigs underfoot.  Yes, even the sound of distant traffic or a buzzing electricity pylon is borne swiftly to you on a cold and crisp day like this.  But it cannot spoil the calmness and serenity of walking - your breath visible to you as you make your way through dew-laden grasses - through the white-dusted countryside surrounded by the sounds of nature. Nor is your walk spoiled by the return to civilisation, to traffic and to noise of a different kind.  Instead, as the door closes behind you on your cold environs, there comes a new feeling of warmth.  And the welcome return of the feeling in the tips of your ears..        

Posted by Jon at 1:37:53 PM in Musing (23) | Comments (2)


Jon, thank you for sharing with such beautiful detail and description. I could almost feel the cold, as if I was there with you on your walk.

Be well...


Posted by Pam on 19/11/2005

Bright bracing days send the soul soaring and are one of the many wee wonders of this world ... thanks for your eloquence.

In the paraphrased words of Ted Hughes 'there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing' ... sure there's a deeper meaning in there somewhere .. possibly buying mini woolen hats for the tops of your ears ?? ....

Posted by Jo on 21/11/2005

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