Thursday, November 17, 2005

Paperweight, and wait and wait

"Not much to say today" - quite frankly those are not ideal words to begin a blog entry with.  And a split infinitive is not an ideal follow-up either.  But I am tired - it's been a long, hard day trying to get a web site prepared for a very tight deadline, so I feel rather emptied out.  I noticed tonight, however, and this is the reason for writing, that the paperweight I had intended to put on eBay a couple of weeks ago is serving a good purpose despite its impending relocation.  Put to one side, ready for photographing and listing on eBay it has found a niche for itself - as a paperweight.  Still in its presentation box, no less.  There's something poetic about that, but then again, I am easily entertained and distracted particularly when tired.  I am looking for the bigger philosophical meaning which can be gleaned from the paperweight finding a niche for itself.  I am sure there is one, probably involving intent, purpose and disposal, but  for the life of me it cannot be pieced together .  So, for the time being at least, the paperweight will have a stay of execution in lieu of its beneficial properties as an unintended paperweight. 

So, as I said... "not much to say today".

Posted by Jon at 1:52:44 AM in Musing (23) | Comments (3)


So, as I said... "not much to say today".
Yet you told us so much.

Whenever you are tired, take a break.
And listen to some Water Music.

Posted by Orikinla Osinachi on 17/11/2005

Orikinla, thank you for visiting and posting. It's nice to hear from you in Nigeria.
As for the water music, it is a good idea... anything to help my tired brain!

Posted by Jon on 17/11/2005

You caused us to think.

Not always an easy task.

Good stuff,


Posted by allan on 19/11/2005

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