Tuesday, November 15, 2005

eXT as a live tool

l have not used eXT as a live tool either in theory or in practice, so my little sojourn tonight into its capabilities was quite an eye-opener and rather fun. 

Here's the set up

Start out with a MIDI patcher component so you can set up some keyboard splits.  This allows you to use part of the keyboard for triggering live and part for playing in realtime (detail at bottom right of the screenshot below)

In the example below I've got three splits set up - one for triggering midi components connected to a DeltaIII, Albino and Zero Vector, one to Microtonic to trigger its internal drum patterns and fnally the rest of the keyboard is connected to Absynth for playing freeform synth lines.

Each of my MIDI components is set to trigger when a note in the lowest split in the MIDI patcher is played - note toggle is selected for each midi component and I set each component to a different note (C1 to D1).  I've turned off MIDI THRU on each of these because I don't intend to send anything other than the initial trigger notes to them and I don't want to hear that note coming back to me through the respective synths/drums.

The Microtonic has three patterns set up on keys C2 to D2, a basic rhythm, and two fill variations.

Lastly, I have an audio in set up for guitar which is playing through the Trash distortion unit after equalization..

Here's the screenshot of the set up

So, basically in space of about 20 mins set up I have at my disposal for live use:

1.  a bass line I can trigger on/off on one note
2.  a synth line I can trigger on/off on one note
3.  a second synth line I can trigger on/off on one note
4.  a drum synth with three pattern variations on three notes
5.  another synth on the remaining higher notes
6.  an audio input for guitar ( I might also have set up a trigger for the distortion unit on/off)

I could alternatively have used MIDI CC messages for all the triggering.  In addition I could use the same techniques to trigger sample components in real-time.

All I need now is an audience... oh, and an extra hand for the guitar bits ;)

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