Monday, November 14, 2005

What am I good at?

This question has been bothering me a for a little while.  I am not sure quite what it was that caused this little menace to infiltrate my brain, but it is there now and it seems to have bought clothing and supplies suitable for an extended stay in my cerebral region.

So, what am I good at? 

Well, actually the simple answer is that I am quite good at quite a few things. See how deadening and deprecating the use of the word "quite" was there?   You see, I'm not great at anything, it seems.  I'm proficient and logical enough to do some programming - sort of.  I'm dextrous enough to play guitar reasonably well -  passably, anyway.  I'm literate enough and nimble enough to have a reasonable wit and do cryptic crosswords - sometimes.  I'm creative enough to do some design work and eke out a living from it - just about, anyway.   I'm imaginative enough to get some songs written and recorded via computer.  I'm intelligent and resourceful (or perhaps able to play the system) enough to have gone through a total of almost 19 years of almost continuous education.

Behind the facade of that simple answer, however, lies a complicated backstage area inhabited by an answer which is rather more shadowy.  The problem is that I don't feel that I have really gor any "gifts" or "skills" or "talents" that truly stand out in any kind of definite way or which I feel are hooks onto which I could hang some baskets (with eggs in, of course).  Perhaps I should be happy that I don't have that burden to bear or be relieved that I have avoided some kind of one-dimensionality.  But, at times, and recently in particular, it has begun to prey on my mind that there is really not a single thing that I could honestly say that I have a special capacity for or capability to do.  

Are you in the same boat as me?  
(if so, I'm quite a reasonable sailor, but not great at it)

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'kin right I am in the same boat as you - except I think I am 12 years older than you and I've been bumping around the same port all that time... I have no idea what the answer is, and it is not a back of the brain niggle any more, but a freakin jangling alarm right in the middle of it.

bollox - the worst feeling is that you ight have missed the right boat (the one you were meant to be in) all together

Posted by dragster on 03/03/2006

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