Thursday, November 10, 2005


A strange perversion of the trickle-down effect seems to be happening around me.  Trickle-down being the principle that actions at a macro level have knock-on effects through a system at increasingly finer scales.  It's a term usually applied to such grand things as macroeconomics or to environmental systems.  However, it seems possible that the current large-scale troubles and upheavals in my life have induced their own particular form of trickle down to the domestic scale.   Perhaps it is payback time but the fates are all out of dramatic events so it's the mundane stuff for me.

Note, the sole of para boot coming loose when out walking in the mud - at the furthest point from home, of course, and naturally when followed all the way home by other people.  You try walking when it feels like you've got a boot on one foot and a flipper on the other.. in the mud... with a dog...

Note, suddenly proclivity of the bathroom light "pull" not to work when pulled in the customary perpendicular fashion - oh no, it has to be at about 25deg from the vertical and away from you in order to work now and even then it's hit and miss.  

Note, desktop light choosing to flicker every once in a while in poltergesit-style fashion.  Not simply going off.  Not simply flickering.  But more like a kind of Swan Lake dying scene routine... and then several moments later, it is back to life again.

But still,  I am sure there are rational explanations for all the abovc, most likely involving the words "old", "need" and "replacing".  Sounds familiar.

On a brighter note, snooker is going well...

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