Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Review: Fractured - Only Human Remains (CD)

 I have been eagerly anticipating this release by Fractured on Dependent - the label's only debut release in 2005 -  ever since hearing and being very impressed by the title track on the Endzeit Bunkertracks compilation.  The CD does not disappoint.  First things first, the title track is indeed different from the version on that compilation, and the differences are a microcosm of what to expect from the album as a whole (download it here).  More punctuated drum and synth lines, glitchier percussion and shredded vocal effects mark the title track out from its earlier release version.  The CD opens up with a spoken word track ("What Is The Moment of Truth") which develops into a tirade complemented by heavy beats and shuddering guitar. A fine opener is also matched with the excellent album closer, "Cold Eyes", which ties together several tracks including "Only Human Remans".   In between, there's a varied mix of the melodic, the powerful, and more atmospheric tracks, including several slower songs notably "Haunted Memories".  There's a little of everything here and clearly manifold influences - but it's intellligently done, never clumsy nods to anything or anyone.  Vocals are treated differently on an almost song-by-song basis, which is at times a little disconcerting but it works at the global level.  There's a high degree of glitch programming and rhythmic complexity which is impressive, but it never detracts from the accessibility of the song structures.  It does not feel like it is done for the sake of it.   Overall, a fine album which will no doubt reinforce their rapidly-growing reputation for complex but accessible dark electro music.

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