Sunday, October 30, 2005

'We Laughed' - Billy Bragg/Rosetta Life

I heard Billy Bragg some time ago talking about the process he went through when his father was dying of cancer and how it was not talked about at the time.  Such stifling of things that should be discussed and such lack of embracing of the times which have been shared is part of his collaboration with Rosetta Life.  This UK charity works with hospice patients and their families  to open up the process of dealing with loved ones facing death, to use creativity to come to terms with serious illnesses, and to bring hope and happiness and dignity to them even when immediate prospects may be bleak.

So, please do listen to the collaboration between Billy Bragg and Rosetta Life and several of the attendees of the Trimar Hospice in Weymouth. Please buy the "We Laughed" CD too.   The story of Maxine Edgington and her daughter is poignant but out of the music comes a stronger feeling of joy and celebration.

You can listen to Billy and Maxine talking about the project and hear the song too at the BBC web site here  .    

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